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Welcome to the Heroes II/III player search. The goal here is to hook up two or more people who wish to take on live opponents. Prior to entering the ad area for the first time, please read over the following rules. Failure to comply can result in your ad being removed or no response from the person you contacted.

Reading/Answering Ads

  1. All players posting for opponents are asked to provide the following information:
    • Game version
    • Skill level
    • When available (days/times)
    • Time zone of residence
    Use this information to choose an opponent who best matches you.
  2. Please only email people with whom you are truly interesting in playing. Don't offend our "advertisers" by bothering them with email that doesn't pertain to playing a game.
  3. If you receive a failure message when attempting to contact a player listed here or no response within reasonable time, please contact &rea so the ad can be removed or the advertiser contacted.
  4. When contacting players listed here, please use the subject line "Heroes [game version] Player" so they know where you found them.

Posting Ads
  1. Please be sure to include the following information
    • Specific game version (THIS SHOULD BE THE SUBJECT LINE)
    • Skill level (new, average, expert, whatever you feel describes you)
    • When available (days/times - approximate, we understand that schedules vary)
    • Time zone of residence (so others can convert it to their own zone)
    • Number of players you'd like (maybe you can get a large-scale game going!)
    This will provide the vital information the visitors need to select a partner.
  2. Select the amount of time you want your ad to run, in days.
    • Inserting "0" will have your ad run INDEFINITELY; use this selection carefully.
    • 30 will run your ad for a month
    • 90 will run your ad for three months
    • 180 will run your ad for six months
    • 365 will run your ad for one year
  3. If you are willing to play more than one game version, we recommend you post one ad per game version. This way you will have better visibility and less confusion. If you are announcing an actual scheduled game/tournament, please set the expiration to the day after the start date of the game/tournament.
  4. Only advertise if you wish to be contacted by other players for game scheduling. Ads not pertaining to player searches will be deleted quickly.
  5. Please answer all requests you receive, whether you are able to accomodate them at this time or not. If the message does not pertain to playing a game, you need not reply.
  6. You are allowed to insert your personal webpage URL. But the ads are not designed for site promotion. Again, stay with the topic when posting.
  7. You must include your email address so others have a way to contact you. This page is set up with a "robots.txt" file to deter email-harvesting robots (but we cannot guarantee that all 'bots will be routed away from this page.)
  8. If you need to have your ad removed or edited for any reason before the expiration date, please contact &rea. You may renew ANY expired ad the same way.
    For either request, include your name and the email address included with your ad. For renewals, please state length of time for renewal.

Enter the Ad Area

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