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Map Description Form

In order for your map to be categorized properly, we need certain information. In order for it to attract interest from players, it needs a description. Please submit the necessary information using the form below. (It isn't as hard as it looks! Most questions are multiple choice!)

All questions must be answered for the form to be accepted. Maps must be accompanied by forms in order to be uploaded. (Maps sent without forms will be posted in the map grab bag until we receive your form.)

  1. Your Name (as you want it to appear on the credit link):

  2. Email address (from which the map will be sent):

  3. Map Title (as it will appear in the map menu):

  4. Game Version (for which this map is designed):
    H2, Succession Wars (Original)
    H2, Price of Loyalty (Expansion)
    H3, Restoration of Erathia (Original)
    H3, Armageddon's Blade (Expansion)
    H3, Shadow of Death (Third Version)

  5. Map Size:
    Small   Medium   Large   X-Large

  6. Map Difficulty:
    Easy   Normal   Hard   Expert   Impossible

  7. Maximum Number of Human Players (Human only or Human/Computer):
    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

  8. Total Number of Players (No more than six for Heroes2 or eight for Heroes3):
    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

  9. Are there any alliances? (Two or more heroes that play as a team):
    Yes   No
    If yes, please detail (ie: 2 teams of 4, 1 team of 3 vs 1 team of 2, etc):

  10. Win Condition (Note that some are unique to Heroes3):

  11. Loss Condition:

  12. One or two sentence description (This is the most important part! This will persuade players to download your map!!!):

    CLICK "FINISH" BUTTON ONCE ONLY; the next page will contain a link to return you to the submit page or you can click BACK two times to submit the actual map.


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