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Heroes 3

Maps Upd. 07/23
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Heroes 3: Restoration of Erathia cheats. We don't condone cheating during multiplayer games, but found it is a great help in learning while playing solo.

Heroes 3: Restoration of Erathia
nwcalreadygotoneReveals entire Grail map puzzle
nwcavertingoureyesSelected hero receives 35 Arch Angels
nwccantiochSelected hero receives all seige weapons
nwccoconutsInfinite move points for hero
nwccastleanthraxMaximum luck for hero
nwcfleshwoundSelected hero receives 10 Death Knights
nwcgeneraldirectionReveals entire map
nwcmuchrejoicingMaximum morale for hero
nwcavertingoureyesExtra 35 Archangel
nwconlyamodelSelected town will gain all buildings and upgrades
nwcphisherpriceBrighter colors
nwcshrubberyAdds 10,000 gold and 100 of all other resources
nwcsirrobinCreates instant loss
nwctimSelected hero receives all spells plus 999 spell points
nwctrojanrabbitCreates instant win

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