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Heroes 3

Maps Upd. 07/23
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Creatures of the Castle Town

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Pikeman60 GoldSlow, but among the strongest Level 1 creatures
Halberdier75 GoldIncreased attack and speed
Archer100 GoldRange Attack
Marksman150 Gold2 shots per turn
Increased speed
Griffin200 GoldCounterstrikes against two attackers per round
Royal Griffin240 GoldIncreased attack, defense, and speed. Counterstrikes against all attackers each round.
Swordsman300 GoldBetter armored and armed than pikemen.
Crusader400 GoldIncreased attack and speed. Delivers two blows per attack.
Monk400 GoldRanged attack of personal energistic forces.
Zealot450 GoldIncreased defense and speed. No penalty in hand-to-hand combat
Cavalier1000 GoldExtra impact damage (5% for each hex traveled to reach target)
Champion1200 GoldIncreased attack, defense, and speed
Angel3000 Gold150% damage inflicted on devils
Archangel5000 GoldImmune to "curse"
Able to resurrect dead troops once per combat. Increased attack, defense, health, and speed

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