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Heroes 3

Maps Upd. 07/23
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Creatures of the Stronghold Town

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Goblin40 GoldBelow average for creatures of it's level, but fast growth helps make up for it
Hobgoblin50 GoldSlightly increased attack/defense. Increased speed
Wolf Rider100 GoldGoblins on wolfback with increased effectiveness. 2 blows per attack
Wolf Raider140 GoldIncreased attack and speed
Orc150 GoldRange Attack
Orc Chieftain165 GoldIncreased health and speed
Ogre300 GoldVery durable and damaging
Ogre Magi600 GoldAbility to cast "bloodlust" on any allied troop. Increased speed and health
Roc750 GoldAttacks affect 2 spaces
Only flying stronghold unit
Thunderbird700 GoldIncreased speed. Has 20% chance of striking enemy with a thunderbold, which delivers damage equal to 10x attack.
Cyclops750 GoldRanged attack that can also target walls with "Basic Ballistics" skill
Cyclops1100 GoldIncreased attack, defense, and speed. Catapults with force of "Advanced Ballistics" skill.
Behemoth1500 GoldAttack reduces target's defense by 40%
Ancient Behemoth3000 Gold
1 Crystal
Increased attack, defense, health, and speed. Attack reduces target's defense by 80%

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