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Heroes 3

Maps Upd. 07/23
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Extra-Large Maps

Click the title in the left column to reach each map's information/download page. The right column lists the posting date or date of last revision to the map.

Fair GamePosted 23JUL01
Golden HarbourPosted 23JUL01
The Cursed LandPosted 23JUL01
The Isle of SaintsRevised 21JUL01
Smaug's Lair: The Black DragonPosted 14AUG00
The Four HeroesPosted 03NOV00
Lands of AsheronPosted 14AUG00
Swamped in GorePosted 14AUG00
Island of TerrorPosted 14AUG00
My Twisted WanderingsPosted 22MAY00
MayhemPosted 15MAY00
CrusadePosted 02MAY00
Declaration of IndependenceRevised 02MAY00
Lightning Bolt IslandRevised 20APR00
Darkest AfricaReviewed 03APR00
Obliviously CertainPosted 22FEB00
Hell Hath No Fury
Damned River

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