New Sites in the Ring
MapHaven 11SEP01 A Haven for Maps: designed for Heroes 4 user-made maps, ratings and reviews; also carrying mapmaking guides, strategy and reference information, and other things.
Might and Magic VIII By Silgmaris 13SEP01 This is the first and the only one site about Might and Magic VIII in Italian! All about it, maps, characters, infos, screen shots, cheat, tips and patch!

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Milestone Members
These sites have held continuous membership in this ring, without suspension for code or qualification issues, for at least a year! We're proud to present these sites as our very best. The date they joined follows the link. (Last update: 4:25 PM 9/13/01)
Three Years (9)

  1. Bob&Rob's Main Castle 12MAY1998
  2. Mandate Mania 29MAY1998
  3. Might and Magic Fan Page 10JUN1998
  4. dragon 17JUN1998
  5. Cin's Heroes of Might and Magic II Page 09AUG1998
  6. The Necromancer's Handbook 19AUG1998
  7. Might & Magic VI: The Mandate Of Heaven.... 31AUG1998
  8. Walt's Might and Magic VI Page 14SEP1998
  9. HOMM2 and HOMM3 Maps 14SEP1998

    Two Years (25)

  10. HoMM2 site 08OCT1998
  11. Might & Magic 04NOV1998
  12. MM6 - Die Komplettlösung (german site) 20NOV1998
  13. The Strategist's Might & Magic VI 31DEC1998
  14. The Erathia Sentinel 13JAN1999
  15. The Night Wizard's Heroes of Might and Magic 3 03FEB1999
  16. The Academy of Battle Scholars 13FEB1999
  17. The Dark Dragon's RPG Cavern: Might and Magic 7 24FEB1999
  18. The Archam Retreat 28FEB1999
  19. Cool Jerk's RPG Center 13MAR1999
  20. Heroes III Maps & MP3s 15MAR1999
  21. Xcellent's Might & Magic VII Page 21MAR1999
  22. Hephaestus 22MAR1999
  23. mumins page of heroes 3 maps and stuff 29MAR1999
  24. Heroes III Maps 10APR1999
  25. Heroes Bounty 10APR1999
  26. The Spellcasters' Scrolls 15APR1999
  27. Heroes of Might and Magic III - The Battleground 15APR1999
  28. Might and Magic Chat 17APR1999
  29. Heroes of Might and Magic Fan Page 07JUN1999
  30. Heroes3 14MAY1999
  31. Alex's Heroes Of Might & Magic Resource Page 14MAY1999
  32. Free Erathia 18MAY1999
  33. Heroes of Might and Magic III (Chinese) 22JUN1999
  34. MM7 20AUG1999

    Eighteen Months (4)

  35. Lord Maco's Heroes III 22DEC1999
  36. Pekka's MM6 VB Guide 09MAR2000
  37. Dungeons Keeper 09MAR2000
  38. Dark Dragon's Might and Magic 8 13MAR2000

    One Year (3)

  39. Might and Magic I and II Maps + Info 20MAR2000
  40. Heroes of Might and Magic III -Wishlist- 03MAY2000
  41. HoMM3 by Kenny 14AUG2000

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