This ring prefers that all members use the HTML code (in some of my rings, it's necessary to qualify for alternate forms of promotion within the ring), but no site will be denied or deleted for displaying the SSNB. However, your site will be suspended if the code is not placed on the URL submitted.
When selecting the code, remember that some hosts and browsers do not support JavaScript. This means some members cannot use and many visitors cannot see it. HTML works unilaterally.

To display the SSNB your membership must fall into one of two categories:

  1. Your site was submitted AFTER September 5, 2000
  2. Your pre-September-5th submission is migrated (associated) with a Y!ID.
Then you copy the code that corresponds to your entry in this ring.
For all who are considering the SSNB, we highly recommend that you fully understand how it works prior to making a final decision. It is not as simple as WR would like you to believe.

To use the HTML code, you simply need to know your site ID # then insert it in the form below.

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