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As you know, a hero's movement is generally determined by the type of terrain he's on. Rough terrain generally slows a hero's movement, unless he possesses "expert pathfinding." But did you know there is another factor in Heroes 3 that determines a hero's movement? It's called "native terrain" and here's how it works. If your hero and his army are composed entirely of creatures which share the same "native" terrain, there is no movement penalty when traveling on that terrain.

To explain it a different way: Swamp terrain slows a hero the most. But if you have a Beastmaster or Witch hero whose entire army is composed of creatures from the Fortress town, he will travel at 100% movement over swampland.

Below is a list of each town type, it's corresponding hero, and their native terrain.

Town TypeHero ClassesNative Terrain
NecropolisDeath Knight/NecromancerDirt
StrongholdBarbarian/Battle MageRough

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