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The following is a list of books/software available for purchase online through an affiliation between Bob&Rob's Main Castle and Barnes & Noble one of the internet's largest and best respected online booksellers.
Click on the book cover for more information on each title and ordering instructions.

Heroes of Might & Magic III
Click here for more information Heroes of Might and Magic III Shadow of Death: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Author: Russ Ceccola
Publisher/Date: Prima Communications/April 2000
Price: $15.99
Return to a turbulent world in need of champions with Heroes of Might & Magic III: Shadow of Death expansion. Players explore the land with four valiant heroes from different corners of the world. They must endure many perils and undertake a multitude of quests, while learning to work together to stop Sandro, an ambitious Lich, from taking over all of Antagarich. Now, with Heroes of Might and Magic III: Shadow of Death--Prima’s Official Strategy Guide, nothing can stop you because you’ll get complete item, resource, and treasure tables; strategies for defeating all enemies; in-depth walkthroughs; and more!
Click here for more information Heroes of Might & Magic III
Author: Ted Chapman
Publisher/Date: Prima Communications, Inc./March 1999
Price: $15.99
Gallop through the colorful world of Might & Magic III. Find out how to get each award, check out suggested stops in each town, and find your way out of each and every maze. Explore the 40 campaign scenarios fighting hordes of monsters, wielding spells, and during your exploration, discover events and uncover artifacts!

Heroes of Might & Magic II
Click here for more information Heroes of Might & Magic II: The Price of Loyalty: The Official Strategy Guide
Author: J. Grant Bell, Michael Knight, Rod Harten
Publisher/Date: Prima Communications, Inc./June 1997
Price: $14.99
This strategy guide includes maps and briefings for expansion pack scenarios and campaigns, plus crucial information on all heroes, events, and artifacts, tips for building the perfect hero, and more.
Click here for more information Heroes of Might Magic II: The Official Strategy Guide
Author: Joe Grant Bell, Joseph Bell
Publisher/Date: Prima Communications, Inc./October 1996
Price: $15.99
Heroes II is a strategy game featuring near-endless game play. The goal is to expand from one castle to ruling the realms of Might and Magic, and to achieve that goal, the game addictively forces players to think and plan. This is where and what makes this strategy guide key for any player.

Heroes of Might & Magic
Click here for more information Heroes of Might & Magic: The Official Strategy Guide
Author: Jeff Hoff
Publisher/Date: Prima Communications, Inc./September 1995
Price: $19.95
Based on the previous award-winning game Might & Magic, Heroes of Might & Magic unites the strategy/adventure gamer with the fantasy/role-playing gamer. With this official strategy guide, players will be able to conquer dozens of worlds by carefully managing their resources and using clever combat techniques.

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