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Heroes 2 Hub

Welcome to the Heroes of Might & Magic 2 area of Bob&Rob's. To explore the Heroes 2 information, read below. To go to the Heroes 3 area, simply return to the main index of our site using the link at the bottom of the Table of Contents. Once you enter an area, you can navigate easily by using the links in the left column.

Heroes 2 Content

Maps   Download player-made maps, categorized by size
Artifacts   Graphics and descriptions, categorized by type
Creatures   Graphics, cost and descriptions, categorized by town type
Spells   Graphics, cost and descriptions, categorized by level
Secondary Skills   Graphics and descriptions, listed alphabetically
Cheats   You don't really need these, do you?
Heroes   Graphics and descriptions, listed by town-type affiliation

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Common Files

Player Search   Hook up with another player for an online challenge
Revision Request   Find an error on a map? Tell us!
Review a Map   Submit a review for any map you downloaded from us
Submit Your Map   Got a map you want to show off?
Monster Quantity   Lots? Horde? Throng? What's the difference?
HoMM Bookstore   Game guides available through Barnes&Noble

Miscellaneous Files

HoMM/MM Ring   Accepts sites about HoMM, MM, LoMM, and CoMM
Map Grab Bag   Maps that are missing vital identifying information
MailList Index   Join one of our mailing lists
Message Board   Post questions or comments about the game
Sign Guestbook   Tell us you've been here and watch for our replies
View Guestbook   Read what others have said and our comments
HoMM/MM/CoMM/LoMM Links   Link to us, then list your site here
Rings for Site   WebRings to which we belong
Awards   Awards bestowed upon this site
Additions/Updates   What we've been up to at B&RMC lately

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