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Heroes 2

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Secondary Skill Levels

As heroes acquire experience points (from battles, gazebos, trees of knowledge, or distribution of gold to peasants) they also achieve skill levels. With each level gained, the hero improves in some way. You are given a choice of two levels each time, until you begin to achieve the maximum, so choose what will benefit your hero best!

Increases the damage inflicted by ranged attack units
Basic: +10% damage
Advanced: +25% damage
Expert: +50% damage

Improves the catapult's ability to damage castle walls
Basic: 1 extra shot plus added damage
Advanced: 2 extra shots plus added damage
Expert: 2 extra shots plus maximum damage

Hero may persuade weaker armies to join him
Basic: 25% offer to join
Advanced: 50% offer to join
Expert: 100% offer to join

Eagle Eye
Hero may learn a spell cast against him
Basic: 20% chance to learn a first or second level spell
Advanced: 30% chance to learn a third level or lower spell
Expert: 40% chance to learn a fourth level or lower spell used against him in combat

Hero generates additional income
Basic: Daily income increased by 100 gold
Advanced: Daily income increased by 250 gold
Expert: Daily income increased by 500 gold

Grants a morale bonus (not available to necromancer)
Basic: +1 morale bonus
Advanced: +2 morale bonus
Expert: +3 morale bonus

Increases hero's land movement
Basic: Increases movement points by 10%
Advanced: Increases movement points by 20%
Expert: Increases movement points by 30%

Grants a morale bonus
Basic: +1 luck bonus
Advanced: +2 luck bonus
Expert: +3 luck bonus

Recovers additional expended spell points
Basic: Recovers 2 spell points daily
Advanced: Recovers 3 spell points daily
Expert: Recovers 4 spell points daily

Increases hero's water movement
Basic: Increases movement points by 50%
Advanced: Increases movement points by 100%
Expert: Increases movement points by 150%

Percentage of units killed are resurrected as skeletons
Basic: 10% of the enemy's army join
Advanced: 20% of the enemy's army join
Expert: 30% of the enemy's army join

Reduces penalty for movement over rough terrain
Basic: Penalty reduced by 25%
Advanced: Penalty reduced by 50%
Expert: Penalty reduced by 100%

Increases visible area radius
Basic: Visibility increased by 1 square
Advanced: Visibility increased by 2 squares
Expert: Visibility increased by 3 squares

Allows hero to learn more advanced spells
Basic: May learn any available third level spells
Advanced: May learn any available fourth level spells
Expert: May learn any available fifth level spells

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