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Might & Magic WebRing
Created May 15, 1998

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Important!: WebRing separated from Yahoo! on October 12, 2001, which will affect how you join and maintain memberships in rings. Most can be answered at &rea's Help Site for WR Members and Managers. Information is added frequently so check for updates while this changeover is ongoing.

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Selecting a Code:
This ring prefers that all members use the HTML code (in some of my rings, it's necessary to qualify for alternate forms of promotion within the ring), but no site will be denied or deleted for displaying the SSNB. However, your site will be suspended if the code is not placed on the URL submitted.
When selecting the code, remember that some hosts and browsers do not support JavaScript. This means some members cannot use and many visitors cannot see it. HTML works unilaterally.

To display the SSNB your membership must fall into one of two categories:

  1. Your site was submitted AFTER September 5, 2000
  2. Your pre-September-5th submission is migrated (associated) with a Y!ID.
Then you copy the code that corresponds to your entry in this ring.
For all who are considering the SSNB, we highly recommend that you fully understand how it works prior to making a final decision. It is not as simple as WR would like you to believe.

To use the HTML code, you simply need to know your site ID # then insert it in the form below.

Editing Your Membership:
It is the responsibility of each member to keep membership information current. While RMs do have limited ability to edit information, I ask that members maintain their own memberships.

If your membership is associated with a WebRing ID you can follow these instructions. Additional instructions are available through the Quick Reference Steps, including getting your membership migrated to a WebRing ID.


If you are interested in joining, read the RULES below. For questions or concerns about this ring, please write me. I will respond to messages with specific issues about this ring but not to requests to promote businesses or requests to review sites which have not made application to this ring.
Contact RM

Ring Status:
Weekday submissions are generally reviewed within 24 hours; weekend submissions are viewed the following Monday.


  • Site must display some content relevant to the topics of this ring (Might & Magic, Heroes of..., Legends of..., Warriors of..., Crusaders of...)
  • Content should be original (not links to other sites; content to save yourself work).
  • We have zero tolerance for profanity, hatred, adult content or direct links to offensive material. This includes using charcters like @, $, ! to "diguise" or "soften" profane words.
  • Site owner must display one of the approved ring codes on the URL submitted for the duration of membership
  • Site owner must keep URL and email address current for duration of membership
  • No redirect URLs may be submitted. You must enter the full URL assigned to your site.

After submission, your site will be reviewed by the manager. Approved sites must place the code on the registered URL immediately or face suspension. Read the Members column for more information.

  Submit Your Site for Review

  Submit Your Site for Review

My Other Rings:
This is one of over thirty rings managed by me. Those approved to join this ring may be eligible to join others in this collection. Below are other rings for which a site in this ring also has guaranteed or conditional approval. You are also invited to see all my rings.

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