I've had to relocate the site yet again. I used to be considered a Premier Builder due to the amount of traffic the sites in my account generated. Unfortunately, Tripod cancelled that program, then subsequently forgot HOW to treat their better members. I have been advised to remove several megabytes of content in order to keep my account active. Thus this site has been temporary relocated to another account in Tripod. However, I will be moving all my websites off Tripod within the next year (yeah, I suspect the entire process will take that long) due to my displeasure with the new policy and a situation where another account was erroneously deleted for a two-week period.
At this time, the new location does not have the photos linked just yet, but the facts are available. Please bear with me as I continue to transfer the photo pages. But it was necessary to delete all content with this account to ensure the remainder of the account was accessible to everyone.

Thank you for understanding.