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Since January 20, 2001

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Welcome to the second player site in my collection. The first, dedicated to Rick Tocchet, can be reached through the "teammates" link page.

The #3 Bus is looking to swap links with any sites featuring current or former teammates of Dan McGillis.

We finished 4th in October's "Top Flyer Site" voting. Please vote for this site at least once a month to help us maintain our ranking! The link is in the left column of every page.

If you didn't see the check that earned him "Check of the Year", view it here. (526K in QuickTime format) It occurred May 12, 2000, the victim is Pittsburgh Penguin Michal Rozsival.

If you have any photos you wish to contribute to this site (credit will be given!) or wish to submit a link suggestion, please contact the webmaster at .

This site was started April 18, 2000 and is still being constructed.

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In the past few years more players are asking, "Did anyone get the number of the bus that just hit me?" This site is designed to provide the answer. The number is 3, the name is McGillis. It also exists to allow one fan to show appreciation on behalf of all Flyers fans for the effort Dan McGillis gives each night he steps onto the ice. This site is not affiliated with Dan McGillis or any of the teams for which he has played.