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The following is a transcript of a chat at philadelphiaflyers.com which took place, Friday, October 27, 2000 at 4pm.

PresidentClinton: what makes this year's team, defensively, different from last year's team?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I don't think a whole lot. I just think that we started off aggressively and we had a lot of guys jumping up at the beginning of the season. I think the last couple of games here we have played much more defensively.

Cher03: What do you like to do to relax in the offseason?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I like to fish and golf.

burt2: dan how do you fell about justin williams play so far this year
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I think he's done a great job for a rookie stepping in. I think he's getting more confident as the season progresses.

burt2: dan do you thinh the win last night will start a winning streak
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I think we just have to take it one game at a time. I think that we've played better in the last 4 or 5 games. I think if we keep playing defensively then we will win a lot of games!

66_LooksLikeDan: Daniel, what's your handicap?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I'm gonna say 16.

Cher03: Hey Dan, good luck the rest of the season (keep on hitting!), but what do you think of the penalties that the NHL is cracking down on? It has to make it tough on a player like yourself, who is one of the top hitters in the NHL!
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: It's definitely something that is taking some getting used to. The refs are forced to call things that they haven't called before, and I think that it will also take them using their discretion on some of these calls. I think it's just more of an adjustment than anything.

reddeer: what kind of music and bands are you into
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I'm not too fussy on music...I like all kinds of music.

waashee115: Do you have any pre-game superstitions
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I try to keep superstition away from my game, in case it backfires on me.

PresidentClinton: who is the toughest player you have had to play against? (not necessarily toughness in strenght)
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: Certainly a lot of them...one in particular is Jagr...he's tough to face.

kelli: what was it like when you scored you first nhl goal? who was it against?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I don't really remember who it was against. I remember it was a slapshot from the point and I believe it was in Edmonton. I try to concentrate on keeping them out of the net instead of putting them in.

Cher03: First off, you are an awesome defenseman to watch on the ice... but if you could no longer play hockey for any reason, would you pursue something in the criminal justice field, since you do have the degree?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: My father right now runs a private investigation securities business. I worked there during college. We had to do some co-op work that was in our field. I worked with my dad for a while.

Geoff16Fryer: did u ever play any other posititions?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: No. Just defense.

cormac: At what age did you start playing hockey and when did you realize you were a standout?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I started when I was probably about 4 or 5 anyway.

flybouchergirl33: Have you seen any good movies that you've enjoyed over the summer or recently?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: Just saw one the other night. I saw Rules of Engagement.

Margie1968: Do you have any pets?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: Yes. We have a dog. We just got it recently actually. Just took it swimming. It is a white lab.

iceskater: Do you like to surf the web alot?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: Yah, a little bit. Not like every night or anything, but I do get on there.

cormac: What do you think about the new SkateZone?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: It's great. I think it's probably one of the best I've ever seen. It's really one of a kind. It's got everything you could ever need.

kimberly78: I know that you and Luke Richardson ride for Tony Twist in the summer - do you two ride together other times too?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I did half of it. We did the Canadian tour of it.

66_LooksLikeDan: Greetz from Holland, Europe. Dan, can you tell me what gives you a better feeling... a goal or a check of the game?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I would say check of the game, but if it would help my team to win, then it would be a goal.

kelli: do you follow any other sports?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: A little football. I guess the same....a little bit of basketball and baseball. I watched a little bit of the world series.

flybouchergirl33: How would you describe Boucher's playing in the last 2 games?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I think Bouch has played solidly every game. When we were losing and he was in net, we weren't performing in front of him.. Last night he did an exceptional job.

kimberly78: what is your favorite tv show?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: We watch Millionaire when it is on.

LeCGags1012: what was your feeling when primeau scored the winning goal against the pens last year?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I can't think of a word to describe it right now, but it was obviously a great feeling. Certainly a breath of fresh air after playing all of those minutes. Being down in that series and coming back to finish it like that!

Flyers_Rule10: Dan, who is your favorite hockey player growing up?
SPEAKER_Dan_McGillis: I was a big fan of Bobby Orr actually.