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9:50 AM 1/19/01

Someone blew it! McGillis's name is absent from the AllStar Ballot. So it's up to us to inform them that he's one of the League's best defensemen. Welcome to the second annual All-Star Write-in Campaign, inspired by the one in its fourth season at the Rick Tocchet Shrine!

To participate is simple. Click the link below to reach the All-Star ballot. Make your selections, choosing only ONE defenseman in the North American category. Then check the write-in box, putting "Dan McGillis" in the text field. Then submit.

Please note a few things:

  1. You may submit only one entry per day per email address. Consider making the ballot your homepage for the next few months and every morning when logging on, submit a new one!
  2. There are boxes at the bottom, already checked, that will put you on two mailing lists. So if you aren't into extra email, uncheck them before submitting.
  3. Only one write-in is allowed on a ballot. This means if you hold membership in both this and the Rick Tocchet fan club and wanted to write them BOTH in, you'll have to do so using two different email addresses or by doing only one player per day.
  4. You cannot leave any ballot area blank. If you want to vote ONLY for Philadelphia Flyer players (as an example), you cannot. You must select the number of players indicated for each section.

Click here to reach the AllStar Ballot