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Hi! I'm always looking for new affiliates. If you run a Fanlisting that is related to an NHL team or player, the League itself, Philadelphia sports, or ice hockey in any way, I'm definitely interested. I'm also not opposed to outside affiliations if I can be convinced of a valid reason for the affiliation.
I have tracked down several Fanlistings for affiliations already but if you found me first, I hope you'll take a moment to request an affiliation. Just complete my simple form below and give me some time to get my act together and put up the link. Feel free to use any of the graphics I have supplied and link to my Fanlisting as shown on the Graphics page.
Won't you also accept my invitation to promote your Fanlisting, whether it qualifies as an affiliate for this one or not, in one or more WebRings. I suggest beginning with the Fanlistings WebRing since it joins together Fanlistings of all types. WebRings are one of the most successful means of promoting any website because of the topical nature of most Rings. As a result, you reach targeted traffic and increase your site's visibility. And there is no cost to you, just display a snippet of coding like you see at the bottom of the main page of this Fanlisting.

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How you learned of
this FanListing:
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