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Welcome to the Philadelphia Flyers Fanatics Fan List. A fan list is nothing more than a list of fans. The idea was born after one person wanted to find out how many fans existed for a specific celebrity. Some are supported by various "official" websites, but there is no requirement to be associated with one in order to have a List.

If you wish to have your name recorded as an official fan of the Philadelphia Flyers, read the rules page first, then complete the form. I will add your name to the list just as soon as possible. You are welcome to participate in any of our interactive areas, become a contributor to the site, or simply be listed and move along.

The FFFL holds several WebRing memberships, as linked at the bottom of this page and is in search of affiliations. Established and proposed affiliations can be found on the links page. If you have a list (whether associated with a supporting site or not) you would like to have affiliated with the FFFL, contact me using the email link on the Graphics page (after all, you need to link to me first!) If you would like to get your Fanlisting established in WebRings, I am also willing to assist you by answering any questions you may have.

Currently this List includes:
65 fans (in 5 countries)
Last update: 8:20 PM 2/23/2005

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